Sea Buckthorn Plantation

The sea buckthorn plantation was founded in 2006 by the company S.C. NP PROD S.R.L, by the working site found in the commune Rosia, county of Sibiu.

The cultivated surface is 7.50 ha having approximately 12,500 plants. The cultivated sea buckthorn varieties are especially Serpeni, Sf. Gheorghe and Serbanesti.

The plantation was monitored in the reconversion period by the company S.C. ECO INSPECT S.R.L. Cluj. The sea buckthorn fruit production was attested and recognized as ecological natural agriculture product by the Compliance certificate no. 0114/2010

Compliance certificate
Benefits of the sea buckthorn:
- rises the energy level of the body
- strengthens the immune system
- improves the cardiovascular system's activity
- protects the nervous system
- regulates the metabolism
- has antioxidant effects