About Sea buckthorn

The sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) is a fruit bearing shrub from the Eleagnacee family, existent both in the spontaneous flora and in plantation as cultivated system. The sea buckthorn is known in different areas of the world under several custom names [...] » read more

Sea Buckthorn Plantation

The sea buckthorn plantation was founded in 2006 by the company S.C. NP PROD S.R.L, by the working site found in the commune Rosia, county of Sibiu.
The cultivated surface is 7.50 ha having approximately 12,500 plants. The cultivated sea buckthorn varieties [...] » read more

Sea Buckthorn Processing and Distribution

n the Sea Buckthorn plantation located in Rosia Commune Sibiu County, the cultivation of the Sea Buckthorn is done in an ecological way. NP Prod delivers fresh or frozen sea buckthorn fruits and nutrition products as: simple sea buckthorn juice or [...] » read more