The sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) is a fruit bearing shrub from the Eleagnacee family.


The sea buckthorn have a very rich content of vitamins, mineral salts, micro elements, etc.


The sea buckthorn fruits are used in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry and forestry.



The sea buckthorn fruits are processed and valued as juice, syrup, nectar, marmalade, etc. The leaves and the young branches as well as the fruits pulp is a good feed for animals. Also they are used to prepare the sea buckthorn tee. The fruit of this plant has a great importance for the human and veterinary medicine, representing an entire pharmacy with marvellous effects both for humans and animals.

The sea buckthorn fruits are used in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry and forestry. This large use is due to the rich content in vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B6, B9, E, K, P and F. Due to the unsaturated fat acids content the sea buckthorn has an important role in regulating the cellular membrane permeability by reducing the ageing and wrinkling of skin.

The sea buckthorn extracts have significant antioxidant, imunomodulator, anti inflammatory and wound curing effects. The sea buckthorn oil is the most valuable medical product, being used in the treatment of many affections.

We can obtain by processing the sea buckthorn in the pharmaceutical labs extraordinary treatments for treating of depressions, Parkinson disease, tumours, adenomas and leukaemia. The sea buckthorn germs have an aphrodisiac effect. The sea buckthorn is a good anti inflammatory and inhibits the appetite in case of obesity treatments. In the pharmacy network one can find juices and other products based on sea buckthorn extracts (tees, oil, capsules, syrup, powder and sea buckthorn steeping, etc.)

The extracts of sea buckthorn leaves and fruits can be developed as medicine made of plants or as nutrition element with antioxidant properties and strengthening of the immunity system. The most known nutrition applications refers to the obtaining by classic means of sea buckthorn juice (diluted or concentrated), of sea buckthorn vinegar, sea buckthorn vine and sea buckthorn syrup.

"The vital attributes for the human of the sea buckthorn are exceeded only by the water."
Prof. univ. dr. Ion Brad